I need to sell my house for cash now in Chicago

I need to sell my house for cash now in Chicago.

“I need to sell my house for cash now in Chicago!” Have you or a friend said that recently? Windy City Cash Buyer’s real estate professionals hear it all the time. In fact, here is a common scenario we detailed in a follow-up interview in 2019:
The homeowner and her husband had owned an older Englewood home for over four decades. They lived in their Englewood house for about half of this time and then rented their Englewood house the next two decades to the same person.

The Englewood homeowners made the decision that when their tenant moved out they would sell their house. However, when that day came they had a decision to make. Their 1930s house would need roof repairs, electrical and plumbing updates, and general maintenance to sell it. That would cost tens of thousands of dollars, an expensive venture considering their house was paid off and they were retiring.

That’s when the homeowners contacted URB with the same saying we started with, “I need to sell my house for cash now in Chicago.”

Like many Chicago homeowners who want to “sell my house for cash in Chicago” you are trying to move on from your home for sale, but don’t want to wait the months or even years to sell your house traditionally. Perhaps, like the couple above, your house is paid off and you don’t want to put the extra money into repairing an older outdated house. Maybe you have decided to move out of town or into another neighborhood and have already bought a new home. There are as many reasons to sell your house for cash now in Chicago as there are houses.

URB is the most trusted fast cash house buyer in Cook County, IL and we have been buying houses in as is condition for nearly forty years.
When you contact URB we will provide you a fast cash offer in as fast as 24 hours. That means we can possibly close on your house in as fast as 7 business days. Since we buy houses in as is condition, you don’t need to worry about making those expensive repairs and upgrades to your older Chicago home.

URB buys houses in Cook County, IL and we specialize in buying distressed and vacant houses and properties in Chicago’s southside neighborhoods and Chicago’s westside neighborhoods for nearly forty years.
Contact URB today and say, “I need to sell my house for cash now in Chicago,” and we will provide you a fast cash offer tomorrow.

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Our friendly, professional property specialists are not realtors nor are we associated with any real estate agency, so you do not pay commissions saving you a lot of money and it is another reason we are the fastest way to sell real estate in Chicago..