Urb remodeling services

Urb’s new Chicago porch contractors services include going to building violation court if needed, working with city of Chicago inspectors, rebuilding porch stairs and decking, roofing and enclosures and many other types of new front and rear porch systems. And for those porches that cant be repaired we can always build a new one for you!

Worry free city of Chicago new porch builders
Urb Chicago porch contractors services provide quality work, reasonable pricing and high attention to detail without cutting corners. We do it right the first time; this is how Chicago porch contractors or Chicago porch builders should do it.

Don’t pay more money than you have to
Urb Chicago porch contractors services prices are very reasonable and our quality is outstanding. We guarantee it! You can’t go wrong when you hire the right porch contractors or Chicago porch building contractor.


Our porch estimates
Urb Chicago porch contractors repair estimates are complete and detailed. Our new Chicago porch contractors proposal is a complete city of Chicago approved new porch rebuilding package with no hidden costs or items not included. Your Urb Chicago porch builders bid will be itemized and very detailed as to what is included and what work will be done. A good complete itemized porch builders estimate or contract is the most important item to have.

No stress here
If you are planning on doing some front or rear porch repairs, if you received a notice from the city of chicago about your porch violations or want to build a new front or rear porch in Chicago; Were here We’re happy to help you with a good porch building attitude.

With Urb Chicago new porch contractors services stress-free process every project is hassle-free and includes you in the process. Your ideas and preferences help with the porch rebuilding, materials selection and design plan. We can help with choosing the most economical, practical, and yet aesthetically pleasing solution while incorporating your ideas and our expertise to make your porch project come together without a hitch.

Chicago porch built on your time table
Residential or commercial porch re-building with professional effects and a modern touch – Nights and weekend availability so as to avoid any inconvenience to your home or tenants; we work on you schedule!

Some of the most common reasons to build a new Chicago porch system:

Loose and defective railings, Rotted wood or loose porch stairs, steps, or treads, Rotted 6X6 upright or vertical posts, Porch flooring or decking repairs, Enclosed porch windows, Enclosed porch walls, Enclosed porch siding, Porch roofs repairs, Brick porch lintels Brick porch tuckpointing, Rotted brick repairs, Concrete front porch steps, Loose and flaking paint, Lead paint removal, Porch entrance doors, Wrong size stair risers, Angled steps or sagging of stairs, Porch gutters and downspouts system

Common types of porches:

Condominium porch systems, Apartment buildings rear porches, Residential rear porches, Residential front porches, Single family home porch, New wood porch, New replacement porch, Two flat porches, Three flat porch systems, Enclosed porch, Treated wood porch, Steel porches, Semi enclosed porch, Large multi unit porch systems, Handy-capped ramps, Re-designed porch, Full enclosed porch, Commercial porch large porch builder in Chicago.

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