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Urb, Inc. is a real estate maintenance company that offers real estate lenders and investors a completely different and better solution to REO Management and REO services in Chicago. Specializing in the liquidation of single and multi-family residences, land, and commercial properties for 24 years, our proven expertise in REO services enables us to decrease your losses and reduce your recovery time.

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Urb Inc. has been buying, selling and managing foreclosures in Chicago for more than 24 years, so If your part of a REO and foreclosure management team, bank or a lender and are looking to liquidate your foreclosure portfolio, Urb Inc., buys distressed and foreclosed homes, buildings and property foreclosures from asset management companies, asset managers and asset based lenders who are seeking to dispose of their foreclosed assets

Our Mission
To provide the most comprehensive REO Maintenance Services to our clients by delivering a high level of practical experience in the industry; and to provide decent and affordable housing to our communities, and be the prime source of REO Maintenance. We are setting the standards of REO Maintenance and providing the proper education to our clients .

Company Profile
Urb, Inc.. is an outsource REO Service Maintenance Company. Our clients include commercial banks, savings and loans, investment bankers, pension funds, mortgage companies, as well as consumer finance companies, mortgage lenders, mortgage bankers and investors seeking a better way to handle and go thru the foreclosure process.

What We Do
We are a full service distressed property maintenance company that monitors the foreclosed properties, from the initial legal action through the sale of the property. We handle and supervise the evictions if necessary, handle the repairs and maintenance, housing court and building violations, and a whole host of issues through out the foreclosure process until the sale, here’s where you can save the most time and the most money.

How We Do It
The Urb, Inc’s approach offers you a number of unique advantages. Our full range of REO services are designed to reduce your cost and save you time throughout the disposition process from foreclosure through redemption and final sale, as well as your asset management of potential REO’s. Here is what makes Urb,inc’s Asset Maintenance a better way to go.

Urb Inc’s property maintenance is a resource for your Chicago land area Real Estate foreclosure asset management needs. Urb Inc. has performed asset management, property management and REO management in Chicago on our own foreclosed buildings and properties.

Urb Inc. has extensive knowledge that banks and lenders, REO managers and asset management companies are looking for in today’s foreclosure climate.

Urb, understands the frustrations and troubles that foreclosures have been to banks, lenders and portfolio asset management company’s alike of managing foreclosures in Chicago we can help you with your REO outsourcing and foreclosure management needs.

Whether the real estate asset is commercial or residential, Urb knows what the property owner or lenders face when dealing with defaulted,vacant or distressed foreclosed properties. When and if needed Urb can restore or update the property into a marketable condition to maximize the foreclosed properties value at the time of sale, this is where REO outsourcing and proper foreclosure management of foreclosures saves the most money.

Urb Inc. understands the importance of developing strategies that will place the foreclosed properties in marketable and safe conditions using cost effective measures. To achieve the goals of the client, Urb’s specialists within Maintenance and Repair and client Relations, will work together to facilitate the placement of the foreclosed asset on the market as quickly as possible while ensuring quality work to protect and preserve each asset. Within the lifecycle of the asset, Urb Inc. specialists assure each phase of the cycle is completed professionally and cost effectively. Urb Inc. is NOT part of a nationwide network . we provide personal attention to every asset’s needs.

Urb Inc. provides various services to meet their client’s foreclosure asset management needs including but not limited to:

• Prepare foreclosure management tools,bids, pictures of asset ect.
• Initial property inspections
• Field inspection to verify occupancy
• Monthly or weekly inspections on vacant and secure properties
• Supervise all Evictions and clean outs
• Lock changes
• Securing and boarding
• Winterizing on standard plumbing
• Management of lawn care, snow removal, utilities ect.
• Obtain repair bids, track expenses
• Emergency maintenance
• Work with inspectors to clear violations and make court appearances
• Secure repair bids
• Consultative market analysis and recommend marketing strategy

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Clients come to us for a variety of reasons. Some REO Departments‚ those that are overworked and understaffed‚simply need to outsource some or all of their real estate owned portfolio to a firm they can rely on. Other lenders select Urb,inc’s Asset Maintenance services so they can save their resources and focus their talents on their primary business. Some clients come to us to reduce the costs associated with a full time permanent staff. Most of our clients are in search of our specialized experience and the hands on expertise we provide. For what ever reason it is for choosing Urb. Inc.’s Asset Maintenance team , you’ll see why  all of our clients reduce their losses from our ability to save them time and money, while keeping them fully informed as to the status of their  portfolio of properties or property.

Complete total Property Security
Vacant properties are secured immediately and monitored throughout the foreclosure process to help prevent vandalism. We change locks and place warning signs in visible street windows with a 24-hour hotline number posted for immediate contact. We assist the sheriff’s and attorney’s when evictions are needed.

Maintenance and Repairs
We will contract all maintenance and repair to an insured contractor and monitor all work to ensure its completion and quality. We contract winterization/de-winterization of properties, snow removal, yard maintenance, trash-out, lock-change, rehab, provide estimates etc.

Expert Legal Counsel
We work closely with your law firm or with other established law firms in the Chicago land area that specialize in real estate law and foreclosures. We carefully monitor all legal aspects of the foreclosure process through to the final sale.

Timely Information Reporting
We can also provide detailed monthly inspection reports and status reports. Our monthly reports include such information as the condition of the property, photo’s, number of showings, a summary of offers to date, and Agents’ recommendations.

Looking to sell real estate fast and for cash?

Our friendly, professional property specialists are not realtors nor are we associated with any real estate agency, so you do not pay commissions saving you a lot of money and it is another reason we are the fastest way to sell real estate in Chicago..