Ashburn is located on the southwest side of the city. Greater Ashburn covers nearly five square miles. The approximate boundaries of Ashburn are 75th Street (N), Western Avenue (E), 87th Street (S) and Cicero Avenue (W)


Austin, located on the West Side of Chicago, Illinois, is the largest (by population) of the citys 77 officially defined community neighborhoods, followed by Lakeview. Its eastern boundary is Cicero Avenue. Its northernmost border is the Milwaukee District/West Line. Its southernmost border is at Roosevelt Road from Cicero Avenue west to Austin Boulevard. The northernmost portion, north of North Avenue, extends west to Harlem Avenue, abutting Elmwood Park. Other suburbs bordering Austin are Cicero and Oak Park. Also nearby is Berwyn.

Avalon Park

Avalon Park located on the south side of Chicago, Illinois. Boundaries are 76th St. to the north, South Chicago Ave. to the east and 87th St. to the south. The community area includes the neighborhoods of Avalon Park, Marynook and Stony Island Park. Homeownership rate remaines high – still above 70%, as it has been since 1950. In the 2000 census, 65% of the population were employed in white-collar occupations.

Back of the Yards

Back of the Yards is an industrial and residential neighborhood so named because it was near the former Union Stock Yards. Life in this neighborhood, which was famously organized by Saul Alinsky in the 1930s.


Beverly Hills (or Beverly) is located on the southwestern edge of the city. Beverly is within the City of Chicago – yet retains an exclusive quiet, green, safe, and family oriented feel all within the City. Beverly Hills is the highest elevation and is in the top 3 safest and wealthiest neighborhoods in the City of Chicago.


Bronzeville is a neighborhood located in the Douglas and Grand Boulevard community areas on the South Side of city of Chicago around the Illinois Institute of Technology and Illinois College of Optometry. It is accessible via the Green, Red Lines of the Chicago Transit Authority or the Metra Electric District Main Line. A new Metra station will serves the neighborhood on the Rock Island and South East Service.


Burnside is located on the citys south side. This area is also called by locals, The Triangle, as it is bordered by railroad tracks on every side; the Illinois Central on the west, the Rock Island on the south and the New York Central on the east.


Canaryville is a predominantly Irish American neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago, located within the New City community of Chicago. The borders of Canaryville are from 40th to 49th streets to the South.


Chatham located on the south side of the city of Chicago, Illinois. It includes the neighborhoods of Chatham and West Chesterfield. Its residents are overwhelmingly middle and upper income African American.

Chicago Lawn

Chicago Lawn It is located on the southwest side of the city of Chicago, IL. Its community neighbors include Gage Park, West Englewood, Ashburn, and West Lawn. It is bounded by Bell Avenue on the east, Central Park Avenue on the west, 59th Street on the north, and 75th Street on the south. This puts it 13 km (8 miles) southwest of the Loop.

East Garfield Park

East Garfield Park is located on the west side of Chicago, IL. It is part of the Chicago West Side area. Located directly in the path of gentrification heading westward from the Loop, East Garfield Park was named one of Americas most up and coming neighborhoods in the 2007 issue of Business Week.


Englewood is bordered by 55th Street on the north and by 75th Street on the south. Both the CTA Red Line and Green Line run through Englewood, as well as the Dan Ryan Expressway. It is located on the southwest side of Chicago, Illinois. Englewood was once known as Junction Grove.

Fuller Park

Fuller Park located on the south side of Chicago, Illinois. It is named for Melville Weston Fuller, who was the Chief Justice of the United States between 1888 and 1910.


Roseland is located on the far south side of the city. It includes the neighborhoods of Fernwood, Princeton Park, Lilydale, West Chesterfield, Rosemoor, Sheldon Heights and West Roseland. Roseland was settled in the 1840s by Dutch immigrants who called the area de Hooge Prairie, the High Prairie because it was built on higher, drier ground than the earlier Dutch settlement several miles further south of the Little Calumet River which was called de Laage Prairie, the Low Prairie, now South Holland, Illinois.

South Shore

The community of South Shore, located on Chicagos South Side, borders Lake Michigan on the east and the neighborhoods of Woodlawn on the North and Greater Grand Crossing on the West. Its boundaries include 67th Street and 79th Street to the north and south; Stoney Island Avenue and Lake Michigan on the west and east.

West Pullman

West Pullman is a neighborhood located on the far south side of the city of Chicago, Illinois. The area of West Pullman has developed into a residential community with an industrial base, several retail areas, schools, parks and a variety of other institutions.


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