How to Find and Choose a Good Eviction Attorney in Chicago IL

Can you imagine a auto mechanic installing your new roof with a plumbers pipe wrench instead of a hammer? How ridiculous and crazy is that! With that in mind, do you know how many Chicago landlords get legal eviction advice on landlord tenant matters and issues from a unqualified family member or acquaintance?

Some of the Chicago landlords even ask their own other tenants, people who don’t know, or their unqualified sister in law for advice. The disturbing and sad fact is most Chicago landlords DO NOT even have an eviction attorney in Chicago to turn to when tenant problems come along. They’d rather ask their friends, neighbors, and auto mechanics for advice. Most are too afraid to hire or employ a lawyer because of the expense. The courts are full of  WANT-TO BE lawyers and novice landlords having their cases thrown out in favor of the tenant because of some minor mistake in the paperwork, all because they were trying to save on the attorneys eviction fee. Well, I’ve got bad news for those Chicago landlords, Bad tenants that don’t pay the rent can be more expensive and cost more than paying an attorney to do the eviction.

A Chicago real estate attorney experienced in all landlord tenant law is an essential element of your landlord tool-box if you want to be successful as a Chicago real estate investor or landlord.

If you are searching for a good landlord attorney, there are a few ways to narrow down your search.

  • Ask your family attorney (if you have one) for a referral.
  • Ask a local Chicago real estate rental office.
  • Ask a local Chicago property management company who they recommend.
  • My favorite and most reliable way to find the right eviction attorney is to go to your local courthouse in Chicago during a landlord – tenant court session and sit there listening to the cases. Watch the performance of the attorneys. (It may take an hour or two, but the time spent will be well worth it.) Then just choose one of the attorneys who auditioned for you.

If you are going to interview any Chicago eviction attorneys, I suggest you ask a few key questions.

  1. Are Chicago evictions your specialty?
  2. How many Chicago evictions do you do a month?
  3. How long does the average eviction take in Chicago from beginning to end?
  4. How fast can we have these tenants in court?
  5. Can you show me how to make out a 5 day notice properly ?
  6. How much does it cost and is that ALL the fee’s from start to finish?
  7. Who moves the tenant out, now that the sheriff ‘s department wont do it anymore?

A good Chicago “on the ball” eviction attorney will have the answers to these questions on the spot. Pay attention to # 4- because that should be an easy one to answer if the attorney is familiar with the Chicago Landlord Tenant Court schedule.

Why did I say #4 …?  Any good Chicago eviction attorney who know’s what there doing and does evictions in Chicago should tell you in 14 days, that’s if the attorney files the eviction the next day.  A little secret here is that the evictions are scheduled 14 days automatically from the day its filed. So now that you now about the 14 day filing schedule , you’ll  know when your lawyer files your case and how busy he was doing someone else’s work instead of working on your eviction

I can’t say it enough how important it is to develop a relationship with a good landlord attorney in Chicago. It will be a most empowering and liberating feeling to know you are prepared to do what you have to in order to run an efficient landlord tenant real estate business.

Here at Urb, Inc. we can proudly recommend the law firm of Starr and Rowells. Located in Chicago, they happen to be our Chicago eviction attorney of choice.  Talk to Dan Starr when you call and he’ll give you the run down and handle your case with the up most of expertise. Dan is in front of the judge every morning every day of the week at 9 am., and for the most part all he does are evictions.

How to Find and Choose a Good Eviction Attorney in Chicago IL

If you give Dan an eviction case to work on he will have it filed that day or very next morning without fail !  He’s as fast as they come and no one can do it any faster than him, he knows all the in’s and out’s not to mention the up’s and down’s of doing an eviction in Chicago.

The best time to call him is in the afternoon after eviction court, if your really in a hurry his helpful staff is available after 9am.

Call Dan Starr @  312-346-9420  Tell him Urb sent you!!

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