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URB Chicago South Side Remodeling contractors with over 25 years of experience are experienced professionals that have been doing home remodeling and commercial property remodeling in various South side neighborhoods. If you’re a Chicago South Side home owner or South Side property investor and you’re in need of professional and affordable remodling contractors – Look no further!

Did you know that good remodeling contractors pay for themselves?
Are you wondering how is this possible?… It’s because we have many years of experience, we know exactly what were doing, we’re very familiar with all applicable city building codes and we have the right professionals to do the work at the right price! It really is that easy! Urb’s Chicago South Side Remodeling Contractors services include but are not limited to Commercial, Residential, Interior, Exterior, Home Remodeling, Space Planning and many other remodeling and property improvement projects.

Worry free remodeling contractors!
Urb South Side Chicago Remodeling contractors services provide quality work, offer reasonable pricing to accomodate any budget and pay high attention to details. We do not cut corners! We do the job right from start to finish and we do it right the first time. This is how it should be done and it is how we complete your south side remodeling job fast while saving you money.

Don’t Pay more money to remodel a property or a building than you have to!
Urb Chicago South Side remodeling / contracting Services prices are very reasonable and our quality is outstanding. We guarantee it! You can’t go wrong when you hire the right Chicago Remodeling contractors.

Our remodeling estimates
Urb Chicago South Side remodeling contractors estimates are complete and detailed. Our remodeling proposal is a complete package with no hidden costs or items that are not included. Your bid will be itemized and very detailed as to what is included and what work will be performed. A good complete, itemized building contract is the most important item to have. If you are planning remodeling of a home, house or any type of rehab or remodeling work, office remodeling, small residental projects or any other custom home rehab remodeling project; We are happy and ready to help.

Don’t close the office down any longer than you have to
Corporate, Retail or Commercial – our remodeling contractors services offer fast turn around, no hassle professional approach with a modern touch and long lasting effects. We also have dedicated nights and weekends availability to help you and your business stay open and to avoid inconvenience and loss of income.

So, now that you’ve found a Chicago Rehabbing General contractor with plenty of experience, great references, low cost, professional services and a great attitude, please call us for a no obligation Free Estimate.

Looking to sell real estate fast and for cash?

Our friendly, professional property specialists are not realtors nor are we associated with any real estate agency, so you do not pay commissions saving you a lot of money and it is another reason we are the fastest way to sell real estate in Chicago..