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Jobs for contractors, jobs to bid on! 

The increased interest in Urb, Inc. Chicago distressed and foreclosed houses for sale has generated additional opportunities for contractors seeking to bid on remodeling or renovation jobs.

Before offering ready-made-bids, a typical Urb, Inc. buyer would themselves have to put in the time and energy finding contractors and getting estimates.

NOW,  Urb, Inc. will present your pre-sale estimates to the buyers of our foreclosed homes at the time of sale.

If you would like to estimate the repairs on the homes we have for sale, fill out the form to be on our preferred contractors list and a urb representative will call you back.  please no phone calls.

A Better Way for a Better LifeUrb Client Quotes

Back in the early 80’s when I was a younger contractor “you know the home improvement remodeling kinda a guy” ...for the most part I couldn’t save a dime and was barely scraping up a living putting food on the table for my wife and the 3 kids.

I was pretty “stressed out” if you know what I mean, and it didn’t help much that I was contracting during a recession same as what we’re going thru right now in our Country.

All I had to depend on for the most part was a “hope and a prayer” that some “owner” or some other contractor would hire me for my next job! 

One day I found myself talking to another contractor buddy of mine about his troubles paying the bills, which was made even worse by some clients not paying him, then about the winter coming and then with economy in the tank and with  “no jobs” in site for him….( “I said to myself “ )  “oh my gosh !”  I saw myself in the same boat as this guy,that’s when I had the work.

But when I figured out that all I was doing was just surviving and working for the “man” (the owners, the rich guys). 

I made myself and the family a promise that “I’d” have to find a better way to have a better life!.

So with a little bit a cash, a little luck and w /no credit,  I went out  ( I didn’t have much choice)  to find another way to make a living on what I knew as a contractor, and what a better way to use what I knew as a contractor than to buy a cheap boarded up house,to fix up for myself with my contractor friends, rent it out for income and then sometime later sell it for a nice profit.

Back in those days, there was no such thing as URB to supply and finance me the messed up house’s I wanted, it was “buy cash” and “fix cash”.  With today’s banks, mortgage companies and hard money lenders, they won’t even touch  you if don’t show that you have the cash and the credit to buy one and fix it.

My motivation was from what we all want ( you and me anyway )… to pay the bills on time,  make some good money, have a little freedom, a little more control over my own destiny…, or how about just.. “being my own man”, is that too much to ask?

Sooner than later, I sold my first fixer-upper and made a nice profit (a little over $15,000 grand) plus “the rent” , but the story didn’t end there..after some time I got pretty good at finding, buying and fixing old houses on the Southside of Chicago,  before I knew it I was fixing 3 to 4 houses a month.  “then and only then” was I able to keep my promise to myself and the family  that I “could” find a better way to have a better life.

As you’ve read, I can relate to and understand what most of you contractors might be going through during these tough times and if  “your searching”, to find a better way to have a better life as I was, then I urge you to contact me right now so tomorrow ( I’m confident ),  “ you’ll be on your way to a better life”.

Brian Urbanowski

Urb, Inc. is looking to hire a few good contractors to be part of our team.

Job Objectives:To be able to better communicate the money making opportunities Urb, Inc. has to offer contractors… and whom better than another contractor.

1. How a contractor can quickly fix a house and keep costs down and use the skills they already have to fix a house, and if needed with some contractor friends they might have.

2. How a contractor can increase their profits by using used materials like furnaces, water heaters, cabinets and toilets that they might already have or can purchase at a contractors price.

3. Show contractors examples of typical houses on the south side where the rent is between $1,200 to $1,500 a month.

The Contractors specialties position can expect to earn yearly bonus’s and commission’s between $50,000 and $75.000.00.

If interested in the position, complete the form below and a Urb, Inc. representative will you contact you.

Please only serious inquires and no calls !





Urb, Inc. has opportunities for all types of professional contractors!


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